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Welcome to the first ever livejournal community dedicated to the many possible relationships between Jack, Sawyer, and Claire from LOST. Our personal favorite, of course is Jack/Sawyer/Claire. But there are plenty of other variations. Everyone is welcome, so please, make yourself at home, read, post, make friends, discuss, and have much glee!

what is allowed. fanfic. fanvids. meta. graphics. fanmixes. general fangirling and discussion.

pairings. any variation of jack/sawyer/claire. claire/jack. sawyer/claire. gen involving any of the three.

a word about jack/sawyer. while we do love this pairing on its own, we feel there are other communities which much better represent this very popular pairing. we feel it would be a disservice to include it here unless claire is involved in some capacity as a main character.

fic. please keep them under a cut or a link back to your joural. please label your fic with some kind of header, not picky about the format, at the very least please list a rating, appropriate warnings, and pairings.

graphics. keep large images under a cut. no more than three teaser icons outside of a cut.

rules of thumb. tag your entries. remember the golden rule. treat others with respect. and please feedback our authors and artists! it encourages production, which is a good thing!

warning. this community, by its very definition, may contain m/m, m/f, threesome, and incest pairings. we respect that may not be something you're into. we ask that you respect us in return.

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